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Feb. 8, 2019We must learn from our past
Feb. 1, 2019If it’s not a “yes” it’s a “no”
Jan. 13, 2019This is how we keep our students safe
Jan. 2, 2019My priorities in the legislature
Nov. 8, 2018Will you commit to keep the blue wave going?
Nov. 8, 2018Now the real work begins
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Oct. 31, 2018These endorsements are humbling
Oct. 23, 2018Sign my petition: clean air, clean energy, clean future
Oct. 22, 2018Ready to vote?
Oct. 19, 2018Editorial endorsement: Rob Wagner for Senate District 19 - The Oregonian
Oct. 18, 2018uh oh, the right wing ad machine is attacking me
Oct. 16, 2018Let me tell you about Kate
Oct. 12, 2018So, about our public schools...
Sept. 26, 2018'We are losing our history' - Lake Oswego Review
May 31, 2018Lake Oswego School District approves proposal for recovery charter school - West Linn Tidings
April 26, 2018A voice for tolerance in Lake Oswego - Lake Oswego Review
April 15, 2018Lake Oswego high school students unveil 10-point gun safety plan - Lake Oswego Review
April 8, 2018'We can fix this broken world' - Lake Oswego Review
March 22, 2018Reflections on first legislative session - West Linn Tidings
March 15, 2018Wagner: Successes, surprises in Salem - Lake Oswego Review
March 15, 2018Post sessions update
March 5, 2018Students take message to Salem: 'Our lives matter' - Lake Oswego Review
Feb. 8, 2018Mr. Wagner goes to Salem - with a vision - Lake Oswego Review
Jan. 7, 2018Dems Pick Black, Wagner and Wysham as Finalists to Replace Devlin in Senate District 19 - Willamette Week
Jan. 7, 2018Wagner, Black, Wysham chosen as SD19 nominees - Lake Oswego Review
Oct. 24, 2017Lake Oswegan seeks Devlin's seat in Senate - Portland Tribune
Feb. 2, 2017Readers' Letters: A True Advocate - Lake Oswego Review
Jan. 27, 2017Education must support future careers
Jan. 26, 2017Citizen's View: Education must support future careers - Lake Oswego Review
Jan. 19, 2017LOHS grad Wagner says he will run for School Board seat - Lake Oswego Review