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My life’s passion has been supporting public education. We need great schools that inspire students to learn and to pursue their dreams. To do that, we need small class sizes, teachers and classified employees that know they’re supported, and the in-class resources they need to teach our children. We need universal pre-K to prepare children for school. We need a focus on 21st century career and technical education, as well as strong programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). College is out-of-reach for too many families – which is why I fought for tuition-free community colleges and additional supports for students to help them stay in college.

Affordable Housing

Oregon is in a housing and homelessness crisis. We need a community response with every tool at our disposal to provide emergency housing and safe and stable homes for all Oregonians.

Health Care

Health care is a basic human right. I was part of the campaigns that gave Oregonians access to more affordable prescription drugs and took on big tobacco to provide health care coverage to all kids. I support Medicare for All, and I’ll be on the doorsteps supporting Measure 101 in January. We must protect the programs that help our seniors live independently and maintain a high quality of life. We can’t stop fighting until all Oregonians have universal, affordable access to quality health care, including mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and reproductive health care.

Jobs & Working Families

To create jobs and compete with the world, we must invest in infrastructure and education. Oregon can lead in the 21st century economy, but employers need workers with the right skills. We must create pathways for underrepresented young people to learn critical skills through summer jobs, internships, and apprenticeships that connect to career and college. Meanwhile, we must support working families and small businesses with universal health care, paid family leave, and child care assistance. I am proud to have led coalitions to raise Oregon’s minimum wage.

Civil Rights

I got my start in advocacy as a neighbor-to-neighbor organizer taking on Lon Mabon and his attacks on the LGBTQ community. At Portland Community College, I work directly to support our Dreamer students. Access to abortion and birth control are non-negotiable civil rights. We must ensure that all public services are provided with cultural competency and with a respect for our diverse communities in Oregon.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I ran for and won a seat on my local school board because I was outraged by a series of incidents of racism in our schools. At a time when President Trump is our nation’s bully-in-chief and when neo-Nazis are feeling emboldened, I won’t be afraid to be an ally and help lead the fight against discrimination in all of its forms. It means working to end sexual violence and supporting survivors. And it means speaking out unapologetically, supporting courageous conversations on race and gender, and developing policies to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We must mobilize to address global climate change – and Oregon must lead the nation on solutions that reduce carbon pollution. As the former Chair of the Clackamas County chapter of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, I helped elect state and local candidates that support clean air and water. I will support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in the 2018 legislative session.

Revenue and Tax Reform

Oregon has one of the most unstable tax systems in the country. As part of the Oregon Revenue Coalition, I have fought for stability in our system and demanded that corporations pay their fair share. I have advocated at the Legislature to end corporate tax breaks and raise the corporate minimum tax to provide for vital public services for education and health care.